Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Lights

A beautiful December day and the kids and I enjoyed time riding scooters and lifting John-Deere Quads.  Yep, I said, lifting John-Deere Quads because that is exactly what my little "She-Man" did today.  Miss Em couldn't push the quad over the rocks, so determined as she is she just picked it up and lifted it over the rocks!  Not only does it seem a bit heavy for a 20 month old to lift, but awkward too.  Didn't stop her.

Boy did she enjoy pushing it down the hill too!


Later in the evening Daddy had practice at church, but the kids and I bundled up and joined people from my mom's group to walk and look at Christmas lights.

This one house was amazing!  I think "Disney" was their theme and they went ALL OUT - the kids loved it!

McGee was especially excited to see his favorite buddy "Lightning McQueen" 

Yes, I'm the mom who couldn't keep her kid on the sidewalk where I'm sure he was supposed to stay

I love this shot for some reason, probably because I can feel the motion as he was running down the path

Oh and the night wouldn't be complete without some silly antic.  I was talking and pushing the stroller when a friend's husband started laughing and I looked over to see McGee pulling a classic "Christmas Story" Ralphie stunt.  He's never even seen the movie, but said, "It's a candy cane!"  He was disappointed when it didn't end up tasting like a candy cane (and mom was grossed out thinking of all the germs entering his body).  Yuck!

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