Sunday, October 18, 2009

Missing Person

I miss THIS one...

but am enjoying some one-on-one time with THIS one.

Grandma & Grandpa called Friday morning to see if they could have McGee for the weekend. They picked him up Friday night and so far he's had a great time playing Candyland, seeing Papa work at their church's Victory Garden (or is the Faith Garden?) and seeing some cool planes taking off and landing at the airport. It's lonely every time I walk past his empty room, but I know he's having a special time and Miss Em is enjoying the benefits of being an only child for a bit. She and I took a nice walk this morning and I forgot how easy it is to go on morning walks with just one child. Is it the number of kids that makes the difference or just the fact that THIS child doesn't yet fully talk and argue against taking walks as well as her brother (although he does actually enjoy the walk once we get going)?

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