Thursday, October 29, 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to my incredible husband (aka Daddy to the blog readers and my children)! I know yesterday was the BIG day, but instead of blogging your birthday post last night (when I usually blog) I decided to spend some quality time with you watching "Top Chef".

What can I say babe? I fell in love with your funny, loving, quirky personality 14 long years ago and am even more in love with you today. Wishing you a fantastic 31st year and many, many more as we grow so dearly old together!

Isn't he hot? Man I'm blessed!

So the kids and I decided to make cupcakes yesterday morning and surprise Daddy and his 4th grade students at the end of lunch.

McGee loves helping cook and bake and was very excited about your birthday cupcakes. Yes, his jammie top is on backwards as he is still practicing getting dressed himself. :)

Of course I let our master artist decorate the cupcakes with sprinkles...lots and lots of sprinkles!

McGee helped scoop the batter into the cups too and actually didn't spill too much (our little neat-nik as Grammy would say).

Daddy's students gathered McGee and Miss Em had her share of fans too!

The happy class

Is this a vision from the future - following in Daddy's footsteps? Yes that IS a bright, shiny red apple on Mr. Daddy's desk - hmm...wonder which student brought him that?

Daddy was very surprised today and said it was the best birthday present ever (including the painted birthday cards from McGee and Em).

Sadly your birthday dinner was a pathetic bowl of canned soup. I tried to get you to tell me what you wanted for your birthday dinner and said I would have it all ready early (since you leave at 5pm to go practice for Wednesday night church), but when you found out Tuesday night that you'd be LEADING worship for Wednesday, you said there was NO WAY you would be eating anything for dinner (too many nerves). God definitely knew what he was doing with Manny's voice going out and forcing you to have to step up to lead for the first time ever because you never would have thought yourself able to play and sing, let alone lead, in front of people. You did an AMAZING job though my love! I can't believe I only bought you your first guitar a little less than 2 years ago! It was fabulous and so many people came up to me telling me what a great job you did and how impressed they were with you. Despite your nerves, your obedience to God and His calling you out for service was tremendous. Here was your song list and they sounded awesome:

Maker of All Things
Living Water
Jesus Lord of Heaven
Enter This Temple
At the Cross (Sherry Youngward) - one of my favorite artists!

I'm so proud of you my love and am glad you had such a nice birthday. You received many phone calls and lovely cards that really seemed to touch you. You're amazing babe and I LOVE YOU!


  1. Loving the VU coffee mug on his desk. I love mine (even though I don't drink coffee). Way to represent Vanguard!!!

  2. Oh you noticed the mug! Ha ha! We have 3-4 of them and I've been trying to get rid of them for years. He just fills them with water for his day and refuses to part with them - even one that is cracked!