Saturday, August 1, 2009


Tonight Daddy had his first opportunity to be part of the worship team at church. He played his acoustic guitar and did a fantastic job. He was very humbled and grateful to be able to have this opportunity and I was so excited for him. Normally we drop the kids off in the nursery and then head to service, but tonight McGee did not want to go to the nursery and I thought it might be kind of nice for him to see his daddy on stage so I brought him into service with me for the worship portion.

What a sweet and touching night it was! McGee sat on my lap to begin and I had one of my hands around his waist covering one of his hands. As we sang, at one point I raised my free arm up in worship to our incredible Lord and my precious boy quickly observed what I had done and raised his other arm in worship mimicking mine. I then moved my hand that had been covering his so he could have the freedom to move and he quickly grabbed hold of my hand and placed it squarely right back on top of his other hand. Moments like this, when I just feel the love and security from my son, truly warm my heart and silly me worshipped with this grin that wouldn't stop tonight!

Secondly, the joy on McGee's face when he spotted his daddy on stage playing guitar was just so touching! When Pastor Louis was sharing the announcements McGee excitedly waved at Daddy and I know it was hard for Daddy to just subtly smile and acknowledge him rather than wave right back. The final touching moment was in the last song, "You Are Holy". It's a great song but a little complicated in the fact that Marilyn and Sarah sang a different verse after Jimmy sang a verse and it just goes back and forth a bit. Beautiful, but I expected it might be over the top for my 3 year old to figure out. About the second time around though, McGee just started belting it out, "You are holy, you are mighty, you are worthy, worthy of praise." Such a fantastic night at church and a night I'll never forget!

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