Monday, August 3, 2009

Beach Bums

We spent a week at the beach, what can I say? It was wonderful, beautiful, relaxing, fantastic, but why use words when the pictures say it all?

Our sunny, but windy day at the beach

Grammy & her little Rose

Papa helping the kids build sandcastles
A truly happy girl with a plastic spoon and sippy cup for digging

I could sit and watch the waves crash all day long!

The danger of the waves is SO much fun!

I just loved how excited my nephew got over the waves coming in close

Papa with his newest grandson Joshua

5 grandkids in 4 years...don't expect us to make it 6 in 5!

Grammy & Papa and their basketball team

Me & My Boys

Had to throw this in of my gorgeous sister-in-law. The beach is far in the
background, does that count?

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