Sunday, June 28, 2009

Swim Lessons - Year 1

There have been times in my life where I have committed to going somewhere or doing something more out of obligation than because I wanted to. Often it is these situations where I am dreading doing it, having a bad attitude as the event is approaching and then ending up really enjoying myself in the end. Apparently my 3 year old is the complete opposite.

My parents had asked if McGee could come up and stay with them for a week and go to swim lessons at their local pool (I had mentioned I was wanting him to take some lessons this year). We agreed and a few days beforehand I told him, "Next week you're going to go to swim lessons." His response, "Yes!!!! I'm going to swim lessons!" He was very excited and I was actually a little surprised at his excitement. This year he has made great leaps in the water department, whereas once he screamed if you washed his hair or if water got in his face at all, now he sits with his head under the running water in the tub and loves to pour water over his head. He even lays out flat in the tub and practices all Papa has taught him about swimming. Needless to say I (all of us actually) had high hopes that this year would be just perfect to introduce him to actual swim lessons. At their local pool they have a kids pool that is only 2 1/2 feet deep and McGee and Papa had lots of fun playing in it last summer. McGee kept saying, "I'm going to swimming lessons!" and really seemed to be looking forward to it.

All of our hopes were dashed when the first day another kid in the class before his was screaming throughout his class and then in McGee's class, another little boy was screaming and crying and the instructor had to hold him the whole time. I guess although McGee went into the water okay at first, he quickly started crying and that was pretty much how his week of swim lessons went. Grandma wondered if maybe they shouldn't go back, but I said, "No, he needs to learn, I don't want him to quit and I'm sure it'll get better." My poor parents - I was wrong and McGee cried throughout the rest of the week with one of the instructor's having to hold him. Actually on Wednesday I guess he did okay because Grandma got in the water with him, but Thursday she was told they were only allowed to have instructor's in the water and he'd have to go it alone again. When I came up Friday to see his class and pick him up, I finally saw what they'd been going through all week. He wanted me to hold him and then cried and cried, screeching for mommy and one of the instructor's had to hold him throughout the class.
Just as I was ready to throw in the towel and leave so the rest of the kids could enjoy at least one day of class with ALL of the instructors' attentions, McGee stopped crying.
Miss Rachel was great and really tried to engage him throughout the class, we even had lots of smiles when he got to throw rings in the water and blow water through a tube. According to all of the other moms on the sidelines with us and my parents, McGee was having a great day because Thursday he cried for all but the last 5 minutes of class and Friday he only cried for about the first 5-8 minutes. Well thank the Lord for small mercies. :)

The happiest part of his day...seeing Miss Em who he had missed terribly throughout the week. He just kept wanting to give her hugs and kisses all afternoon! I know we'll have some sibling challenges at some point, but I'm so thankful these two just adore each other so much!

Second happiest part of his day...showing me the blueberry pie he made with Grandma and then eating it with ICE CREAM!

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