Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

Tomorrow at 11:05 am, my son, my firstborn, will turn 3 years old! I cannot believe how quickly these last three years have flown by!



My Dearest McGee,
In 3 years your personality has really started to take hold and I realize it hasn't changed much from those first few days. You and your furrowed brow have made quite an impression on everyone with how focused you are at studying everything. Despite your furrowed brow, you are an incredibly happy boy with a smile that lights up the world. Cars, trucks, wheels, and keys have taken up a good portion of all of that focused studying and your interest for these things has not diminished in the least over the last 3 years. It is these obsessions that make us often say you will be a mechanic or engineer. I'd say a race car driver, except for your somewhat cautious nature and the fact that you've been hounding me lately not to "drive too fast" because a "policeman might give me a ticket". :)

Somewhat small in stature, you don't let others push you around and have already shown compassion and caring in standing up for and protecting others. Your very large heart showers love on those around you and I'm amazed at your ability to understand some situations so well and readily offer your help. I pray you will never lose the confidence in yourself and trust in others that I see so easily on your face. I also appreciate your simple understanding, trust and love for Jesus. You fun-loving nature with a hint of mischeiviousness has filled our days with excitement and joy (I'll admit some frustration as well...). From very early on your love for music seemed more pronounced than most, and this love has continued to grow so that our home is almost always filled with some sweet sounding melody you are either singing or dancing to. Most recently you are heard singing (and requesting) "Awesome God". Really it's just the chorus that you love and ask me to sing the "awesome God song". There are actually many other songs you can be found singing at any time of the day (especially in your crib).

Strong willed and stubborn - I would expect nothing less with daddy and I as your parents. :) Quite the chatterbox, you rarely sit and color or draw quietly, but you do love to sit and read out loud, especially to your sister. We love how you are entertained so well with your imagination. It's so fun to hear some of the things you come up with to say or do. As a much adored big brother, you so far are delighting in teaching Em as much as you can. Just the other night while I was making dinner, you pulled her high chair around next to you at the table and I heard you say, "Mommy and daddy aren't home right now, it's just you and me Em, just you and me. " When I questioned you on this you said, "We're just pretending mommy, just pretending."

So much can be said of you my boy, but I think this post is already long enough and I need to get some rest for our long and fun day together tomorrow. This year you get to celebrate your birthday on Easter, the day that we celebrate Jesus conquering the grave. Goodnight sweet boy and sweet dreams...

Love, Mommy

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  1. It goes so fast! What a great post to remember the milestone :)