Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Can You Feel the Love?

There are some photos that I just love. The lighting may not be right, the background may not be the best, the subjects may not be looking at the camera or if they are, they may not be smiling, but still each time I look at the shot I feel something. Here are a few of those recent shots for me:

I love shots like this, I can visualize McGee growing up and becoming a man and yet, his Grandma will always treasure holding his sweet hand and walking with him, feeling all the love and trust he has for her.

The same is true here. I love remembering this moment when McGee sat with his head on his arm, so content leaning on Papa and watching the ducks swim by.

I think I may try to occassionally post these types of photos. The photos that may not be picture perfect, but each time I see them I will have a wonderful flashback to an incredible moment in time with the ones I love. Stay tuned to see future "heart shots" - the shots that speak right to my heart.

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  1. Heart shots! I love that - very sweet pictures. What did you end up doing with your camera?