Monday, March 16, 2009

Production Total

Well I'm just about to head to bed and get ready for a LONG but fun day tomorrow and I thought I should update my blog on the laundry situation (I don't know why I care really) and what we did today.

Today I was able to:

-play with the kiddos and read LOTS of books with them
- p/u the dog messes in the backyard while Myles played on his tractor and in the sandbox
-feed the kids and myself breakfast and lunch (daddy made delicious shrimp and pasta for dinner, PLUS he did the dishes)
-scrub both bathrooms top to bottom
-clean out and organize under our master bathroom sink
-clean out and organize my closet and large trunk basket in my bedroom
-put together everything and load it in the van for the swap at Mom's Group tomorrow
-work on designing invitations for Myles & Emily's birthdays
-take a few pictures and videos of my sunshines (the kids)
-prevent Myles from putting his "bowl of ice cream" in the microwave because it was "too cold and needed to be warmed up" (really it was a bowl with scoops of shortening and sprinkles on it that he found in the pantry while I was putting away clean towels - that boy's imagination makes Kyle and I SO happy and we laugh a lot, despite the trouble it can sometimes get him into)
-picked up lots of thumbtacks and hid them away after Myles pushed them all into the back of the desk chair, apparently he thought they made a nice decorative statement (I know Auntie C. and Mom - he never should have had access to the's taken care of for the future)
-greeted and talked with the mailman in my pajamas while taking out another poopy diaper (note: today was pajama day at our house and I didn't end up showering until after the kids were in bed tonight...please don't judge me :) )
-put together another box of things for donation to Goodwill or another charity thrift store
-took pride in seeing how excited and eager Emily was at each meal when I said "let's pray" and she put her hands together perfectly for prayer. This was the first day she's done that. She also put her hands together for the sign "more" tonight at dinner which she has only done a couple of times.
-made Mississippi Mud Pie for our Bible study potluck here tomorrow night (thank you Bekah and Meg for the recipe - it's always a hit)
-prepared everything for the Corned Beef and Cabbage I'll be putting in the Crockpot for tomorrow night's potluck too
-changed the sheets on all of the beds/cribs (it is laundry day, but Emily's crib is a bear to change the sheet on)
-successfully convinced a very overtired Myles to take his nap this afternoon
-cleared out some of the excess paperwork in the office
-placed a Pampered Chef order for a customer
-watched about 20 minutes of "24" while folding Myles' clothes
-wrote out my Costco list for my next trip
- washed and folded a TOTAL of 7 loads of laundry and enjoyed kisses from my sweet Emily!

I didn't get to vacuum or clean the kitchen floor like I'd planned, but overall it was a good day. Goodnight!


  1. Whoever may think that stay-at-home-moms just sit around in there jammies all day - are so wrong! Your post is proof :)

    Is 7 loads is manageable for you?

  2. Wow! I am impressed. Is this a typical day for you? If so, don't tell my husband!

  3. No, I will admit most days are spent running around to some activity or another or running errands and then cleaning is crammed in during nap or bedtime, but it was nice to spend the last few days at home.