Friday, March 6, 2009

Potty Training (Read at your own risk)

Hooray for Myles (and mommy too)! Yesterday we ventured out of the house in UNDERWEAR. :) It was a spur of the moment decision, but since we were going to a friend's house I knew we'd have a potty easily accessible and decided to try it. It was...A SUCCESS! A homerun actually as he went all day (except for during nap) without a diaper and no accidents! I must tell you I was prepared with a diaper and change of clothes just in case, but it went great. He went poopoo on the potty 3 times yesterday and peeing was a breeze. Way to go Myles - mommy can't tell you how proud I was of you!

Then today we ran to JoAnn's to get some paper for making Christine's baby shower invitations and I decided to give underwear a try again. As soon as we arrived to the store I asked him if he had to go potty and he said, "No." I pushed the stroller towards the back of the store to make sure where the bathroom was and asked him again to which he replied, "Yes." Off to the bathroom we went with our double stroller (love it). Public bathrooms....not so clean, although this one wasn't too bad. I wiped down the seat then put a cover on it and had Myles sit on his knees to go pee (the seat is still too high to stand). He went right away - yippee! I got him all strapped back in the stroller, wiped the hands and started out to shop.

Moments later:

Myles: "Mommy I have to go potty again."
Mom: "Really?"
Myles: "Yes I do."
Mom: "Okay, let's go back again."

We went through the same routine again but this time he sat because he had to go poopoo. He was SO proud sitting there. "Mommy can you hear it?" he asked with a big smile. Then he tried to turn and see but I said, "We can't see it until you are ALL done, okay." Man my boy seems fascinated with seeing everything! Honestly I didn't really believe he had to go potty again, but sure enough, my boy left his mark in the JoAnn's potty. :) Again I was very proud and excited at our progress. Next we wiped up again, disinfected hands and I strapped him back in the stroller. Heading into the paper aisle I hear:

Myles: "Mommy I have to go potty again."
Mom (still proud but starting to get a bit impatient realizing this "quick trip" is going to take much longer than I thought): "Really?" "Are you sure?"
Myles: "Yes I have to go potty again."

We went back in and I stayed as patient as I could, but this time it was a false alarm. Finally I was able to start shopping for my paper and the rest of the supplies I needed for the invites and a birthday gift I was planning to make. Have you ever tried to make decisions about how many invites you can fit on one paper, what goes best with what paper, what supplies do I already have at home, etc. all while having a very persistent and curious almost 3 yr. old asking constant questions and trying to hold a conversation with you? Well let me just say it makes the thinking and shopping go much slower. Emily fell asleep and was able to get her nap in during our trip and Myles, save for the millions of questions, had super behavior and even got to pick out some stickers. He debated for awhile between Mickey Mouse stickers and the Lightning McQueen ones (they had a half dozen different options for each) before finally deciding on the McQueen stickers. Overall it was a successful trip (at least I hope so, I haven't made the invites yet) and I hope Myles potty training progress continues.

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  1. Potty training in public places is always a challenge :) My girls always like the novelty of a different toilet, and wanted to try them all out . . .