Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

Hooray for sunshine! Today the weather was beautiful and we finally got outside for a nice walk before going over to a friend's for a playdate. I took a few pictures with the Nikon D60 I have bought to try out (I'm already thinking it will probably be going back), but for some reason there is a whitish blur/spot in the center of the pictures. The lenses looks clear (no smudges) so I don't know what it is. :( Here are a few shots I took:

During our walk a yellow Volkswagen Bug drove past us and Myles said, "There's a VW." I wasn't sure what he said at first so of course I asked, "What?" Again he said, "A VW." It was clear as day what he was saying and yet I couldn't put it together that he was referencing the car that had just driven past. I said, "A VW?" and Myles said, "Yes." Finally it dawned on me about the car and so I thought I'd throw the question out there for him, "Was it a VW bug or a VW van?" Without skipping a beat he said, "A VW Bug." Wow - how he knew that I have no idea. I checked with Kyle and neither of us have ever talked with him about VWs (can't even think of when we last thought of them or saw them). So if you are someone that chatted with my boy about VWs, give me a ring and let me know so I can stop wondering how he acquired this interesting tidbit of car knowledge. Oh and later in our walk we passed an old beaten up VW van, without any insignia on it and again he said, "There's a VW." Funny boy.

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  1. They pick up so much - cute!

    I'm excited that you got a Nikon, but bummed that you seem to have a bit of fog in your lens! Strange, maybe you can ask to switch the lens? Your pictures look great - I'm jealous of your blooms. Everything is dead or covered in snow here . . . :)