Friday, February 6, 2009

Wild Child

Oh Miss Em, what has happened to that incredibly peaceful, gift from God, sleeper that you once were? I have survived waking up every morning at 7 am (or earlier) with your brother solely because you let me sleep most nights without interruption. Then all of a sudden these last few nights, it seems every hour I am awakened and come into your room to find something like this:

A wide awake, ready to party, wild child (note: this photo was taken after nap and NOT in the middle of the night since momma isn't coherent enough then to grab the camera). You kick your legs with delight when you see me come in the room and your body shakes with excitement thinking I'm going to let you indulge in some middle of the night partytime. You must be so disappointed when I, in my half-asleep stupor, just pull you to my milk spout, let you get a full tummy's worth and place you back to bed. Sorry babe but I am not a middle of the night kind of partier. Your momma likes her sleep, and needs it! I hope you will start to realize quickly that sleeping through the night again will give you a much peppier momma during the day. I love you little one - and your lust for life, but can it please wait until at least 7 am???


  1. Aye. That's no fun! But how cute is that smile?!

  2. I've had similar issues with Owen lately ... not fun! I attribute it to teething - I'm waiting for two incisors to make their appearance. Hopefully soon :)