Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh Mr. Edward - You Make Me Heart Smile

Tonight I need to talk about my firstborn, McGee. From the moment we found out I was pregnant with you our lives have had this extra touch of beautiful sunshine added to them. Despite 5 months of colic (sorry I didn't cut out dairy from my diet sooner!), you have been a happy, happy boy for these last 2 yrs. and 1/2 months. Numerous people have told me "he's just so happy" or "he's just so smiley". I can't tell you how many people you have blessed simply by being you. It never fails when we go out, whether to Costco, the mall, or church, there is always some man or woman who can't take their eyes off you (not in a creepy way) and I believe many people who may have been having bad days, had a better day after encountering YOU. Okay, I know I'm the mom so please forgive my shameless pride, but I just need you to know how special you are. Now I may regret your charming ways once you become a teenager, but for now I am thankful for them.

Your likes/dislikes:

For over a year now you have been OBSESSED (yes, I truly mean obsessed) with keys. From the moment you meet someone you may ask them, "You have keys?" while looking at their hands and pockets. Shamelessly there have even been times when near strangers or friends are caught off guard when you suddenly try to stick your hand in their pocket to get their keys. At least a year ago I mistakenly let you hold my keys as I finished racing around the house gathering things to take to Mom's Connection. As soon as I'm ready to go you come up and ask, "Where are your keys?" I of course say, "I don't know, where did you put them?" Fortunately we had a spare set, but do you know if was 6 -10 months before I found those keys? I was sure you had thrown them in the garbage and they were long gone, but no, they were not hidden under banana peels and poopy diapers at the dump. One day I was trying to straighten up the office and noticed a book sticking out from the bookshelf a little further than it should be. I tried to push it back but couldn't. 'Lo and behold I reached behind the book and found my missing keys!!!! Hooray - I couldn't have been more surprised as I had written off finding them months ago. Grandma even made you your own set of keys at Lowe's. For some reason this still does not satisfy you and so you still seek out to get your hands on anyone and everyone elses keys. You have bruises from this obsession from falling off the bar stool, dining chair and even your John Deere quad in attempts to get to mom and dad's bowl of keys. Will you ever outgrow this obsession???

Along with the keys you also love and hold a fascination with belts (you will also surprise people by trying to take theirs off, shame, shame!). You have your own little belt I bought you on clearance at Mervyns and when you get dressed you always ask for "belt loop pants". Do you know how many cute and comfy track and fleece pants you have that still look brand new for lack of wear?? Like most all boys you love cars and trucks, but you have an intense desire to fix things and see how they work. Before you could walk you were studying wheels of all shapes and sizes and two of your first words were "wheelbarrow" and "lawnmower". I can't tell you how shocked your cousin Joel was the first time you said "wheelbarrow" to him!

You received your first lawnmower from Auntie Carla & Uncle Trevor for your first birthday and within a week we saw you pushing it a few feet, then turning it over and pretending to "fix" it, then flip it back over and push it along some more. It was hilarious once we realized what you were doing! Now as you are a bit older and have been "blessed" with so many battery-operated toys (grr...we are keeping Duracell and Kirkland batteries in business), you will tell me when something needs new batteries. Lately you have shown how much you pay attention to everything we do, because you will get the screwdriver (how you know where it is and can get to it everytime I do not understand) and toy to me and say, "we need to change batteries". Here is a picture that I took when you brought your Ford "Cotton-eyed Joe" singing truck from Uncle Mike in to me while I was working in the office the other day:

Okay - one final obsession to mention (although it's been mentioned before on this blog) is your music. I think I've mentioned it enough already, but Tuesday morning as I was blow drying my hair I heard some music, then you running back down the hall with daddy's head phones in your hands and you said, "I need headphones for "Jesus Loves Me, " as you proceeded to plug them into the keyboard (never even knew there was a plug there - I thought it was just a toy kiddie keyboard) and sing "Jesus Loves Me". I tried to get it on video, but it didn't work out too well. Here's a still pic though:

I was going to write about your dislikes, but this post is already long enough so that will have to wait for another day.

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