Thursday, February 19, 2009

Peeing In the Big Potty


My little Myles is sure a determined and funny boy. We've been "potty training" haphazardly now for many months. At his first sign of interest I researched potty chairs and bought the Baby Bjorn one that is simple and easy to clean. He wants to go on the potty sometimes and does, but other times he prefers a diaper. If he has nothing on while we're home then he can usually go all morning without a diaper, just using the potty.

Tonight before dinner I was putting his clean clothes away in his closet and Myles was in the bathroom. Fifteen minutes prior I was trying to go to the bathroom amidst his numerous interuptions ("Mommy what are you doing?", "Are you going poo-poo?", "What kind of poo-poo?", "I bet it's brown poo-poo.", "Can I see?", "I have to go poo-poo too.") All the while I'm asking him to please leave because people deserve privacy and I'm trying to shoo him out. Once he decided he had to go I helped him undo his belt - yes my son has a belt, a purchase made in a moment of weakness to indulge one of his many obsessions. He sat right down and poo he did go! It was exciting, as it always is for me (simple pleasures), to see the process of him realizing the need and succesfully accomplishing the deed.

Anyway, back to before dinner, when I was hanging up the clothes. So after he did the deed, I decided there was no need to waste a diaper before bedtime so he was wearing underpants and I heard him say, "Mommy I go pee-pee in the big potty". I was kind of zoning and just said, "Yea - good job Myles" and then I heard the actual pee hitting water, not the plastic of his potty chair, but the water of the "big potty". I peeked around the corner and he had lifted the seat and was standing on his very tippy toes holding his penis (and hopefully not doing any long-term damage to his crushed scrotum) over the edge where a steady stream arched up, and then down into the toilet. Hooray! My itty, bitty boy, who isn't even on any growth charts, was determined to make himself tall enough to pee in the big potty. I know this is a silly, probably meaningless and a tasteless thing to blog about, but it was just a reminder to me of how quickly he is growing up. Oh and when I saw this I went in and tried to lift him a bit from under his arms to make it easier, and he says, "I don't want you holding me. I do it all by myself." Crushing words for a mother, but this was one time I didn't mind.


  1. He is too cute! I look forward to Owen being out of diapers - then I will be officially done :)