Monday, February 9, 2009

Buddy Ben

Today after his nap McGee was giving some love to the dogs, Callie and Ben. Callie typically shys away from the very forward affection of a toddler, but Ben is a bit more tolerant of the attention as he craves any attention he can get. I was sitting on the couch trying to nurse Miss Em (she has been VERY impatient lately and doesn't want to nurse unless the milk is right there and waiting - uh oh, I hope she doesn't become as impatient as her mommy). Ben was looking out one of the front side windows when McGee walks up to him, pats his head, hugs him and says, "Ben, you're my buddy." It was so sweet! Wish I could have gotten it on video. I truly adore the innocent, simplistic and all-encompassing love of a toddler.

PS - We gave Ben his name after "Gentle Ben" because when we took him out to the yard to get to know him at the animal shelter he would let us do anything to him. All he wanted was cuddles. He has proven to be the best cuddler ever for a dog and a great friend for McGee.

PPS - Just had to add this picture I took today, one of the rare times Callie seeks out attention and affection from McGee as she "kisses" his hand:

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