Sunday, January 18, 2009

Moments with My Little Miss Rose

As a mother of 2 children I am now finally beginning to understand a bit about the psychology and credibility behind birth order issues. When I was pregnant with McGee I was just so overjoyed with the gift of pregnancy and spent so much time thinking about the precious life within me and all of the hopes and dreams that go along with that. Then once he was born I was a stay-at-home mom with the job and purpose of raising him well and keeping the house running smoothly. So much time was spent just talking and playing with him.

Then along comes pregnancy #2...initially I am just as overjoyed in finding out God has blessed us with another baby to love but gradually and sadly, my thoughts throughout the day are spent more on taking care of the baby right in front of me (child#1) then on the growing life inside of me. The moments spent thinking about baby #2 are usually short-lived by the demands of a burgeoning toddler who thinks the world revolves around him (and let's face it - it usually does).

Finally baby #2 is born and brought home where you can't wait to begin this new life as a family of four, but baby #2 sleeps most of the day and baby #1 requires even more attention since there has been a major change to the family and his emotions are like a bobblehead, up and down and all-around.

All of this to say - I am saddened when realizing that Miss Rose has been short changed the constant and focused attention that McGee received as a baby. I know it is inevitable with multiple children, but it saddens me nonetheless. For this reason I am always very grateful when I am able to have some one-on-one time with my precious girl. It is during these moments when I feel I am able to be a "good mom" to Miss Rose and shower her with all the love I have for her. In August I was able to take Miss Rose on a trip to Colorado to visit some of my college friends and it was fun to have that time getting to know her extremely sweet, easy-going and fun-loving personality. I love my little Miss Rose so very much and thank the Lord for the joy she brings to our family. If this post seems negative it is intended to be quite the opposite - it doesn't matter how many children you have or the order of their birth, your love for each one of them is complete in itself and not to be compared. This afternoon Miss Rose and I had a couple of hours together and so I decided to take her outside for some fresh air. Here are a couple of pictures:


  1. yeah! your baby girl is so sweet! Glad you got some one on one time with her :)

  2. i am blad that you were able to seize the moment and enjoy your time with emily- you're an awesome mom!