Thursday, January 15, 2009

Laugh and Gigglefest

As another day was coming to a close and we were hastily trying to get the kids ready for bed, amidst the frustration over the stalling tactics of a 2 1/2 yr. old and the slight cries from the congested 8 1/2 month old, a wonderful Newton family moment occurred. With Myles and Emily finally all dressed in their pjs we were trying our best to settle our energetic Myles down. I held Emily while Kyle had Myles on his lap to read "Duckling is Patient" (although Myles was once again asking for "Rookie Racer" - a favorite that has been read the last 4 nights straight). Kyle opens the book and immediately Myles says in his silly little voice, "Duckling, Duckling share today, what the Bible has to say" (a direct quote from the beginning page) and then he erupts into giggles. Kyle meanwhile tries to continue with the book but with every little Myles giggle, Kyle and I can't help but laugh at the incredible personality and joy that comes from our firstborn. For the next few minutes all the 3 of us could do was laugh and even Emily, snotty as could be and SOOO tired, piped in with the greatest little belly laugh! After all of the ups and downs of the holidays, the disruption to our lives and displacement from our home caused by a hot water slab leak, it felt SOOO incredibly great to just laugh with my family. I sing it to them daily, but Kyle, Myles, Emily (and even the pups Callie and Ben) truly are the "sunshines of my life". Thank you Lord for giving me such radiant sunshines to bless me daily!

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