Monday, May 23, 2011

Not the Best, but Not the Worst

It started out with us all over-sleeping, not a bad thing at all for a Saturday, but Monday morning on the last week of preschool is not optimal for extra winks of sleep.  Then when trying to put a Pull-Up on Miss Em she adamantly declared, "No!  I'm not a girl, I'm a baby and want a diaper."  Now don't you think if she's old enough to understand those differences she is old enough to get OUT of those diapers???  This ended in a wrestling match as I explained we were all out of diapers and she MUST wear the Pull-Up, oh and let me get her dressed and into the car in 2 seconds because we are late for preschool!  Cheese-stick in my purse for her breakfast (please don't judge) and we arrived to school only about 11 minutes late.

During preschool we had some friends join us to run errands.  First up, Old Navy, the store I have 2 bags of things to return/exchange/price adjust...sitting in my bedroom at home.  Then we head to Costco where I hop out to get gas and realize my Costco card/credit card are not in my purse.  Hmmm...makes it a little tricky, but thankfully my friend was willing to share her card so I could buy the gas and must-have dog food and (hopefully) last box of diapers.  Oh and I had something to return at Costco a bag in our hallway at home. :)

Arrived for preschool pick-up smelling Miss Em had yet another of the AWFUL (and painful) antibiotic induced-filled diaper.  Yuck!

Then the day really headed downhill a bit...

After around 5 months of my car smelling musty, mildewy and all-around sour, and many failed attempts (including carpet cleaning) to get rid of the smell, we pulled back various parts of the carpet and found the padding to be extremely wet despite the carpet not being wet at all.  After a call to the dealer, it appears possible our A/C vent may be plugged and we could be looking at spending anywhere from $600 to thousands of dollars to fix it or suffer the foul smelling (and probably not too healthy) mildewy air.  Ugh.

While pulling out the awesome Little Green Clean Machine to try and suck out some of the moisture, I realized I mistakenly unplugged our outdoor freezer last Wednesday and all of the food (including meat) was thawed and had to be thrown out.  Yep - it was a bit difficult throwing all of that food (aka $$$$) in the trash while looking at spending tons of money on our car for a problem that doesn't even affect it's driving ability and oh did I mention Friday will be Kyle's last day of work as he was pink-slipped and laid off again???

Now don't fear, we all have our days and I haven't lost my faith.  I'm still believing strongly that God has great plans for us and will provide for us as he always has.  But today was not the best, but so far from the worst.

My cure?  A good run, fresh air with the family and a little time in the Word and my Bible study.  Oh and blogging of course! :)

Have you been missing these faces lately?

(You can click on them to see them larger )


  1. ooh. doozy of a day. great perspective, though and you did the right thing to go for a run and get into the Word. Good for you. tomorrow is going to be better!

  2. oh man! We've all been there and had those days!! Hang in there friend! God is able :) Love those pictures!

  3. Ugh! It sounds like a day you want to climb back in bed and hide. I'm so sorry to hear about all these inconveniences and worries. I know how hard it is to find out your husband's job is gone POOF just like that without rhyme or reason.

    I'll be praying for you all during this uncertain time. Has your husband looked into teaching for DoDEA aka Department of Defence for military families abroad? My husband grew up in Panama and his friends are teachers for DODs now. They LOVE it! Just a thought. Here's the link just in case it hasn't been a thought

  4. Wow - so sorry. We have all had those weeks "when it rains, it pours." Sounds like you have a great attitude - a great inspiration to me :)

  5. I am so sorry that happened. Sounds like one of those days that you want to crawl in a hole. I hope it gets better soon. God is good and will take care of you. Big Hugs!! Heidi (heidi trejo custom photography)