Monday, February 14, 2011

I put together some little Valentine gift bags for the kids.  I told McGee that after nap and quiet time they would have a goodie bag from Mommy.  The bags were on the kitchen counter all ready to go.  Neither child seemed cooperative with nap/quiet time but both were supposed to be in their rooms reading their TAG books quietly.  I was working in the office and somehow missed McGee sneaking past me, but I did hear when he said, "Mommy I'm going to put my new dinosaurs with my old ones."  I went in to find he was in Miss Em's room, had gotten both of their gifts bags and passed hers out to her.  They had both opened theirs and were quickly opening everything in sight.  Good, obedient and patient little children?  Not so much.  Cute and fun to be around?  Absolutely!

Valentine's has never been a huge holiday for Daddy and I.  I mean who really needs one specific day to declare their true love?  Shouldn't it be done daily, through word and deed?  Despite putting together the bags for the kids, I didn't get a single thing for Daddy and didn't even make him a card this year!  After hanging out with his friends this afternoon he brought me in a Valentine gift - this pink bag filled with hand soap in the scents I love from Bath & Bodyworks.  This may not seem romantic, but the fact he noticed I haven't had any of these in quite a long time and then picked out the scents I love (even though he doesn't like them), meant a lot to me.

Here's to my Valentine, my best friend, my love.

You've made me laugh from day one.

Your kind eyes and smile have made me feel loved and adored for the last 16 years.  Your mad skills in the kitchen don't hurt much either. :)

Your love for our children shines through in the amazing dad that you are.
 Our children are blessed by the strong example you are setting.  Your son thinks you are the greatest person to wrestle with...EVER.

He giggles like CRAZY and BEGS you to tickle him!

But it's the BIG bear hugs he loves the most!  We love you and wish you a very happy Valentine's Day!

Later in the evening Miss Em and I enjoyed some pre-dinner dancing in the kitchen.  It was a blast and made me realize how much I love having a daughter!


  1. Ahhh! Dancing in the kitchen! Love it! Makes me remember I used to do that with Jared! I need to do that again! He loved it and I know Grant would too! Glad you guys had a great day! ~Raeane =)

  2. Very sweet post and way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

  3. How beautiful!