Friday, September 3, 2010

Week One

Well Week One of preschool is behind us and McGee had a fantastic time!  Can it be that he seems light years older all of sudden after 3 days in school?  His favorite time still seems to be the outdoor playtime, but what little boy doesn't love playing outdoors?

Unfortunately this week has also been full of illness for the Sunshine House.  Monday night Miss Em began throwing up with a 24-hr. stomach flu bug, then Wednesday night it hit McGee and last night it hit Mommy - HARD!  I know the kids didn't get half as sick as I did (try throwing up about every 1/2 hour to 45 minutes from 10:30pm - 3:30am), but I pray they didn't feel as miserable as I did either.  Thankfully it is only a 24-hr bug so I've been feeling much better today, although still weak and tired.  We're hoping it won't hit Daddy tonight or tomorrow night.  Also tonight it seems a faucet has been turned on inside my nose...the coughs and sneezes make me believe it's an early Fall allergy attack.  Very annoying I must say. 

McGee still seems extremely tired, I even thought about keeping him home from preschool today but he was not about to have it!  I pray my little ones will get a good night's rest tonight because tomorrow we are having a garage sale!  I took everything over and set it up at my friend Alicia's tonight so hopefully when I arrive there around 6:30am tomorrow we can just move the tables and stuff out into the driveway. 

It was a very busy week and I don't really have many photos to share, but here is a little collage of Miss Em and one of her dolls.  She kept posing with her doll and saying, "Mommy - come take a picture of my baby and me!"  Naturally I obliged her. :)

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  1. oh man...I'm so sorry you guys got hit with that! Praying you are all feeling much better now. I had a bad bug like that two years ago and it was awful! Glad McGee is liking preschool though :D And miss Em looks so precious with her baby...