Monday, September 27, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It has been awhile since I've written a Not Me! Monday post and I've missed it!  This blog carnival was started by MckMama and has been a great chance to share all of the embarrassing little things that happen in our everyday.

 - Being the grown woman that I am I did NOT run from leaving a store through the parking lot to my car because I was in a hurry and was trying to save time.  I do NOT routinely run like a two year old when I'm in a hurry instead of walking like the mature, sophisticated woman that I am.  Hee, hee.

 - It WASN'T me who sang Flashdance's "She's A Maniac" while watching my daughter rolling around on the living room floor throwing one of her temper tantrums.  Uh, uh, NOT ME!

 - I did NOT begin baking Apple Hill Cake for a playdate and then realize when our friends arrived that I had neither good apples or vegetable oil to complete the cake.  I did NOT call my SIL who thankfully lives only a few doors down and beg a few apples off her.  I DID however substitute cinnamon applesauce for the oil and was very grateful for the delicious flavor as well as reduced calories and fat.

 - It WASN'T me who composed and published an entire blog post about my hair dryer.  I mean, that would be plain silly!

 - Oh and unlike these women pictured, I definitely did NOT forget to call my friends up and coordinate our super stylin' little black mommy dresses for our playdate at the park.  I mean don't YOU always plan ahead and dress to match your friends? :)

 - I did NOT wait on hold for Canon for about 10 minutes, put it on speakerphone and then accidentally hang up on them when trying to switch off speakerphone!  This did NOT require me to call back and wait on hold AGAIN. :(

 - It WASN'T me who told my husband when trying to convince him to approve some spending that I really wanted and he had already said "No" to 3 times, "I don't mean to be a disrespectful wife."  To which he replied, "I know, you're just very tenacious."  Hmmm...tenacious?  Yep, I guess that fits. :)


  1. LOL!!! YEAH!! You finally remembered!! Glad to see the Not Me Mondays back! You crack me up! ~Raeane =)

  2. Very fun, Mindy! love how you document all these wonderful things in your life :)