Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Me! Monday

This blog carnival was started by MckMama and you can go see what she and others have NOT been doing over here!

- I absolutely did NOT stay up WAY past my bedtime on a number of nights this week.  Nope, I would NEVER get caught up online or watching movies to do something like that! 

 - My children did NOT play in the backyard with the new hand-me-down-pool-from-the-neighbors-dog in their underwear/diapers 2 nights in a row!  No we are ALWAYS wearing proper swimming attire at our house.

 - This photo-taking gal is NOT very unhappy with her new camera that was supposed to be 2x better than my old camera, and I do NOT keep taking photos trying to get myself to like it. :(

 - Being the "take the clothes out of the dryer immediately and hang them up" gal that I am, I did NOT wash a load of clothes TWICE because they sat in the dryer and got all wrinkled (Daddy's work shirts) and I was NOT about to iron them all!  I know, it was not very green of me at all, but ironing just would NOT get done around here, I promise, and Daddy needs his shirts to go to work so I can stay home with the littles. :)

 - When we DO put clothes on our kids to swim Miss Em does NOT look like a wasp with a big 'ol booty thanks to her non-swim-diaper and an amazing amount of absorbed water.

 - During a family shopping trip (first one EVER I think!) for some shirts for Daddy, Miss Em did NOT find this tie packaging and make it her new flip flop shoe by slipping her foot inside.  She did NOT get upset if we tried to remove it and did not tell us to put her,"flippy" on.

 - Daring and determined girl that I am, I did NOT precariously make my way out thigh-high in the river, balancing on very slimy rocks in my flip-flops during our church's annual baptism and picnic.  I definitely did NOT do this while carrying my expensive camera trying to get photos of friends being baptized and I absolutely did NOT slip at one point and almost go down (camera and all!) before being saved by losing a shoe (although someone found it later and tossed it on the shore).  I am NOT extremely grateful for 14 years of athletic training that provided me with great balancing skills! (I will say it was worth it!)

Well I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week - we sure are!


  1. Oh' that last picture is awesome! God's amazing grace is seen there. Glad you all made it safely out of the water.

  2. Such a bummer about your camera (or at least how you feel about it). What kind is it? I'm very, very unhappy with ALL of my lenses if it makes you feel any better!! :) And I have no money for a new one, either. Anyway, what Em did with the "flippy" is hilarious!!! Love it!

  3. Love. Love. Love that last shot. Awesome.

  4. So glad to have your stop by Southern Belle and Rhonda and thank you for the kind words! Jaimie - it's the 50D and it's just driving me crazy with horrible WB and the LCD keeps going black when I'm trying to set my settings. Sorry you are frustrated with your lenses - the $$ issue can be frustrating as well. What lenses do you have and which would you love?

  5. I am laughing at the "flip flop" picture Mindy! My daughter will find the most bizzare things on the floor of stores, like the stretchy string that holds shoes together at Target, and want to keep it. We had to take home the gray foam that is sometimes found around hangers at stores because she just loved it. Kids are so creative. Very impressed by your daughter's flip flop.

  6. Amy - so glad I could get you laughing! Isn't it strange the things that are "treasures" to our little ones? That gray foam from hangers is hilarious!

  7. Love this as always!! Great stories and I am so glad you were able to do such great balancing because you truely did capture such an amazing experiance with the baptism pictures!! And Ms. Em's diaper pictures crack me up!! It is pretty amazing how big those get!! haha!! =)