Thursday, June 24, 2010

Groovin' Tunes

I have fallen in love...with my fake Ipod mp3 player.  

I used to run listening to myself huff and puff, the sound of cars passing by and dogs barking.  

I still hear all of these sounds, but it is now muffled by encouraging and uplifting worship music, blood pumping rock and nostalgic rap (can you say Beastie Boys?)  What could be better to get you running than starting off with Tone Loc's "Let's do it..." from "Wild Thing"?  

My playlist is quite a mix of groovin' tunes.  From Alicia Keys to Evanescence, Green Day to The Dixie Chicks, Guns 'N Roses to music from the soundtrack of the animated movie "Hoodwinked", Nicole Nordeman and Zooey Girl, oh and let's not forget the original music from Starring Morgan Freeman and Thin December.  Two local bands made up of various of our friends that have sadly disbanded.  Why they weren't picked up by a label is a mystery to me. 

This mix of music makes me happy and energized...and stealing a few minutes to play with Mommy's mp3 player makes Miss Em happy!

It may seem as if I'm playing favorites this week with lots of posts and photos of Miss Em, but thanks to a poor attitude towards camera's, I'm giving McGee a little break from Mommy's camera this week.  Don't worry, he's still here, cute as ever and sweet as can be. :)

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  1. Your baby is SO so cute. I can't even take that sweetness : ) My son has a little ipod thingamajig and I don't know how to put songs on it for him. I am so confused!