Saturday, April 10, 2010

Electric Lessons

At just shy of 4 years old McGee had his first electric guitar lesson from Daddy this past week during Spring break.  He was so excited and he and his daddy had a great time going over some string strumming basics.

I was amazed at how intent McGee was about learning and how quickly he picked it up.  I know it was a very special time for Daddy - sharing one of his passions with his son, what could be better?

I'm so thankful I was home and had my camera available to capture these precious memories.  Love my boys!


  1. This is so precious. I know how much Myles has
    been wanting to learn to play the guitar like his
    daddy. Little boys look up to their daddy's and
    want to be like them soooooo much. What a
    wonderful time for both of them. Love, Your Mom

  2. I love the black and white one. A treasure for sure!

  3. Thanks mom and MomBrose for your comments - love these moments and the ability to record them here in my blog!