Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here Piggy, Piggy

Today marks the first time Miss Em has had pigtails!  

I have always loved pigtails on little girls and was super excited about the prospect of my daughter having bouncy, cute pigtails when we found out we were having a girl.  She wasn't having it at first - lots of head turning, whining, sad faces, etc., but eventually I got them in and the miracle part...she KEPT them in!

We were going to our friend Jed's 4 birthday party and it was Star Wars themed so I put her in a semi-Princess Leia-ish top and thought the pigtails would be the closest we could come to the famed Princess Leia side buns.

Let me just say...I LOVE PIGTAILS!  She looked so cute and I couldn't get enough of her.  The best part is that the pigtails completely fit her spunky, quirky, happy-go-lucky but spitfire personality and be ready to see LOTS more pigtails in the future. :)

It was a fun party - the kids had a BLAST!  The weather held out so we were able to enjoy their wonderful backyard and all of the fun play equipment.  Here's the birthday boy racing one of his bikes:

Here's McGee's serious speed racing face:

They have a great "raceway" along the side of the house (that's Jed with the super cape):

Guess who had fun swinging?  I'm sure she wished she could have stayed here ALL day!

Little bro Jackson (Em's buddy):

They had a cool Darth Vader pinata where you pull the strings to get the candy to fall out rather than hitting it was a bat.  It was kind of different, but McGee had the magic touch and pulled the last string before it fell apart and the kids could scramble for candy:

The birthday boy was ALL smiles...

...and so was McGee

Miss Em and Jack had fun playing together as always...

And you all know I love dogs, so here's one of Boss, a very cool, fun-loving Dane/Lab rescue mix:

Happy 4th Birthday Jed - we're so glad to have you for our friend!


  1. Super fun pictures! I love love love pigtails. Always had them as a little girl and bummed I can't do them on my own little girl..and the boys wouldn't appreciate it. Sooo cute!

  2. Aw! Piggies! I do piggies in my girls hair as soon as there's enough to pull into a hair thing. :)
    Can't wait for miss Em and Bailey to meet!! Less than a month now :)

  3. Em looked absolutely adorable in her 'piggies'. We are thankful that we got to celebrate with our special friends. You got lot's of great shots. Love the one of my Boss dog too!

  4. So glad you like the pics Alicia! MomBrose - I can't WAIT to meet Bailey and see you guys. :) Lisa - you can come play w/ Em's hair anytime. :)

  5. Great shots!! I love pigtails!!!!

  6. Those pics were wonderful! I knew you had some if not a ton of great shots. Your kids are so photogenic! Love the pigtails and I too was excited when Yaya was able to finally wear them. What kind of camera do you have? Going to have to put it on my WISH list.

  7. Thanks gals! Frizzy (or are you Bird?) - I have a Canon XS, it's pretty much the same as the one you were using of Alicia's.

  8. Oh Mindy. I love Emily in piggy tails. You used
    to wear piggy tails when you were her age and you
    looked adorable too. Love, Your Mom