Thursday, March 4, 2010


While cleaning out some old pictures in attempts to gain more hard drive space (I can't believe we only have 375MB left!) - I came across a bunch of random pictures from 2008 - right before Miss Em was born! 

Take a look at our family just 2 years ago:

McGee in his polar bear jammies, hiding in the hutch.  Loved those jammies.

Daddy and McGee - all bundled and ready for church.  LOVED the brown velvet overalls and especially the jacket that my friend Dana made for her first son over 21 years ago!

McGee and a pregnant Mommy

McGee playing with Nona's cane.  We loved and miss you Nona.

These were the first two grandbabies for these Grandmas

Em's Baby Shower - I adored this sweet lambie dress and she wore it for her dedication

Just loved this dress - it may still be hanging in her closet in hopes she can wear it over jeans.

My SIL Alanda and my sweet niece Addie who turned 3 today!  Happy Birthday Adelaide Joy - my how you've grown!  Man I was BIG while pregnant!

His fascination with the hose is still in full effect

A last trip to the zoo before baby sister is born - can you say "big as a barn"?

Our family of 3 - Mommy was a bridesmaid in her friend Liesl's wedding - only weeks before Miss Em joined our family!


  1. I love flashback pictures! It's amazing how quickly time passes. I was about as large as you but not nearly as cute! :)
    I don't know if I ever posted Baileys 15 month pictures. She may have been wearing a 3-6 month dress with jeans...hehe!

  2. You are my sunshine was the first song I sang to my first son...:)

    I am having a ends Monday...I hope you can stop by and check it out! Meme

  3. So sweet. You were an adorable preggie mamma.

    P.S. Love your new background