Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday


Welcome to another Not Me! Monday!  This blog carnival was created by MckMama and you can head over to her blog to see what she and everyone else has NOT been doing this last week.

Some weeks of our life are easy-going and mellow, where everything seems to go pretty smoothly and according to schedule.  Other weeks...NOT so much.  This last week we had plenty of Not Me! moments for me to share with you.

 - Most little boys I know love having messy, spiky hair.  After getting his first professional haircut and the stylist putting in a little gel and spiking it up, my son did NOT whine and complain, "I don't LIKE crazy hair!  I don't want it - we need to go home and wash my hair because I don't LIKE crazy hair!"  In addition, he did NOT try repeatedly to comb his "crazy" spikes down with his hands (to no avail).

- This same boy did NOT later in the week take his children's scissors and give himself another haircut, leaving some funny looking semi-bald spots on the sides of his head.  Even more - he did NOT take those scissors and cut off some of Mommy's very favorite curly ringlets of his little sister's hair.  Especially NOT the adorable ringlet near her right temple.  Miss Em's hair has NOT taken one step backward towards looking more like a mullet.

- You know that sound?  That sickening, cringe-worthy crunching sound you hear as you're backing out of the garage, the one that makes you slam on the brakes and think of every bike, scooter, garden tool, sand bucket, and wagon and where you last saw them in the garage?  Well...I did NOT hear that sound on our way out to a birthday party yesterday.  Upon also NOT hearing that sound, Daddy did NOT run back out and find THIS new Christmas toy, munched beyond repair.  Apparently Miss Em did NOT toddle out of the house carrying it and drop it under the car without me hearing it fall while trying to get them both in the car.  I'm so sad this DIDN'T happen because it was a great gift.

- I did NOT let my kids play outside in the cold January weather in just their pajamas and as a responsible mom I definitely did NOT let McGee play with a hose getting himself and his sister soaked.  Nope, I would never let him do that, nor would I then give them warm baths and bowls of hot oatmeal and apples afterwards.

- On our way to church my son did NOT ask me, "Mommy are you driving super fast?"  Upon my answering "No, I'm driving the speed limit", McGee did NOT then proceed to tell me, "You shouldn't be driving super fast.  You're not a race car you know."

-  After waking up late thanks to being woken up at least 7 times in the night between my two children (only 1 time was Miss Em), I did NOT go to church without showering or putting on makeup.  I DIDN'T attempt to cover up my greasy hair with a ponytail and scarf only to be complimented a number of times on how cute my scarf and hair were.  Nope, I'm NOT that lucky!

- At the mall, armed with a $15 off coupon towards any purchase at The Limited, I did NOT spend about 20 minutes trying on all sorts of clearance tops finally falling in love with a light-weight orange v-neck that was only $16.99.  I was NOT super-psyched that I would be getting this great sweater for only $1.99 after the coupon!  Wahoo!  I was NOT incredibly disappointed when the sales lady informed me the coupon was only good on non-clearance items and suggested some full-price sweaters that were the same but in a different color.  Consequently, I did NOT skulk out of there empty handed. :(

- After telling McGee to go take a timeout (we have a little timeout bench) because of not listening and/or obeying, I did NOT find his sister on the bench and he sitting pathetically in the empty bin on the floor in front of it.  Apparently according to Miss Em, timeouts are a one-for all kind of punishment and she took one for the team.

I know there were plenty of other moments this last week that were Not Me!-worthy, but really I think I've confessed plenty for one week.  Until next time...


  1. great not me's!! I can't believe he cut his sisters hair!!

  2. My boys wouldn't like the spikey hair either! My middle son cut his own hair a few month ago at church...luckily his was long enough that you couldn't really tell:) I've never let my kiddos play outside in the water when it was cold...and I don't have photos of it either!

  3. Baileys hair was looking WAY too mullet-ish for me too so I had to trim it myself. It's a little bob now and she looks so cute! I did hate to cut the curlies but it's starting to "flip" now so I think it was a good trade off. Oh, and Skylar cut her own hair when she was he's in good company :D
    This post reminded me to get that name of the melatonin for you... :D

  4. Glad McGee is in good company with other curious children giving haircuts! :)

  5. What great pictures. I am visiting NMM. Blessings.

  6. Thanks for visiting Jean! Have a super weekend!

  7. Oh my! I would have bawled if someone cut off my little girls ringlets. Well, she doesn't have ringlets yet....but, I am hopeful! But, anyway...just the thought of it makes me shudder!

  8. I was (and am) still very sad to have lost those little ringlet, but fortunately she still has a few left. :)