Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two of My Favorite Things

Summertime and Friends.

I have so many blog post thoughts that run through my head daily and I wish I had/made time to actually write them all out. Tonight though it is late and I'm not feeling eloquent so I'll just share some pictures of a recent barbecue with some friends. It was one of those great, last minute, thrown together fun times that you can only enjoy with good friends. Everything doesn't have to be perfect but a terrific time is always had by all! Oh and Fried Puerta Rican bananas ROCK!
~Our little beauty~

~The Boys after a long afternoon of rocking out in their "Jam"~

~Little Miss Sunshine trying to ride the bike~

After noticing McGee was not outside with the rest of the kids, I went to look for him and came upon him Abby's room where he'd found her guitar and was "tuning" it... he could play.

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