Monday, September 28, 2009

Train Time #2

Grandma & Grandpa told McGee awhile back that they would take him on a train ride one day. Almost daily we drive past light rail and McGee asks, "Do you see a train?" and then we look for one as we're waiting at the light. Sometimes we see one, sometimes we don't. It seems a love of trains is just an inherent boy trait, along with a love of all forms of transportation. Week before last McGee finally took his first train ride! We rode down to the outlets, had lunch, and came back home again. Despite mom cringing at all of the germs the kids were exposed to on the train, McGee loved the whole experience!

So full of awe and wonder!

Getting ready to catch the train

As he passed the various stations and saw people waiting to get on the train, McGee said to them, "You can get on the big train, you don't have to be afraid."

Mom enjoying a spontaneous hug

Miss Em was excited about the day too!

Ahh the joys (and germs) of train benches!

Riding home with Grandpa

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  1. Sweet train pictures! Nothing a little antibacterial gel can't solve :D As long as they don't actually lick the benches :D
    That spontaneous hug makes me those!