Thursday, September 17, 2009


On my "to do" list for today, well actually it seems to perpetually be on my "to do" list, was "organizing the office". Anyone that has seen our office in the last, well, 16 1/2 months (basically since our guest room became a nursery and our office became the dumping ground for all things not specifically slated for any of our bedrooms), anyway, YOU KNOW our office is constantly in need of organizing and cleaning out. I've actually even photographed it at different points to submit to a magazine for a makeover, but then I got motivated, cleared it all out stayed clean for about a whole month! It is the thorn in my side, my achilles heel if you will and one day I have hope I will conquer it for good.

However, today is not that day. Today I attempted to organize it and came across a recycled piece of paper that had a grocery shopping list, menu plan, and a written recording of a song I heard one day from McGee as I was making his lunch - a peanut butter and honey sandwich:

"Oh I want honey in my bread,
honey is my favorite!
I love honey, I love honey,
Honey is my favorite!
I like honey, I like honey, I like honey.
Yes ohhhh, I want honey in my bread!"

Just thought I'd share one of his original lyrics. There are oftentimes too many to write them all down, but my boy sure does love to sing and make up songs (good thing he sounds much better than when his mommy does it)!

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