Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm {TIRED} of It

All week McGee has been fighting having to take a nap. I'll even say he has been on a nap strike, missing yesterdays nap entirely and it looks like today he might not sleep either. Naptime is usually sometime between 1-2 pm depending on the day. He has been going down without crying, but then getting up every 5-10 minutes for different reasons ("I have to go pee-pee", "I have to go poo-poo", "I need something to drink", etc.) using all the old standby stalling techniques. In the end he just resorts to, "But I don't WANT to take a nap, I'm not TIRED!"

Yesterday about the 3rd time he got out of bed I heard him coming down the hallway saying in his happy sing-song voice, "It's light out now so I am AWAKE!" This time I asked if he wanted mommy just to lay down with him for a couple of minutes while he got sleepy. Of course he said yes and when we laid down he snuggled in oh so close to my face with his arms around me. It was nice and at first he was still. Then he started to take deep breaths and after a couple he said, "Mommy, you smell like ICE CREAM!" I said, "I do?" (I didn't tell him I'd just eaten a few bites from the freezer). He said, "Yes mommy, you smell like ICE CREAM!" He was so excited it was almost as if he thought that because he'd spoke the words "ice cream" into the air, he would inevitably be getting some ice cream soon. Well I knew laying down with him wasn't helping so once more I left him to try and go to sleep. Minutes later Grammy, Papa & Daddy arrived home and it wasn't long before this nap striker was running down the hallway again.
(This is what he looked like today while stalling from nap. He's so happy and proud of himself for coming up with clever reasons why he shouldn't have to take a nap. Too bad mom's not going for them!)
Today we went to the library and as we were getting in the car to come home we went over our game plan:
Mom: "McGee, what are we going to do when we get home?"
McGee: "We're going to eat lunch and take a nap."
I was so glad he had a good understanding of the game plan and was hopeful today we'd succeed with nap like it used to be. Unfortunately it was more of the same from the rest of the week. Cutesy comments of why he wasn't tired and the normal need to go potty. The 3rd time he got up I heard him coming down the hallway happily saying, "I am dressed now so I am AWAKE! I am dressed so I am AWAKE and that's the way it is supposed to be."
Mom: "Oh so that's the way it's supposed to be, huh?"
McGee: "Yes. I am dressed now so I'm AWAKE and that is the way Jesus wants it to be. It's good now because I'm dressed and awake and that's the way Jesus wants it to be."
Mom: Laughing, laughing, laughing...I couldn't help myself! This was such an odd response I thought and hilarious to boot! Is my 3 year old already trying to discern God's will for his life, or is he cunning enough now to try and use Jesus' name to be cute and get out of trouble? I'm still not sure on this one...
Either way,I am {tired} of this nap battle. All is quiet now so I'm guessing he must be asleep...but you never know. Oh and yesterday I came into his room to find that he had ripped up almost an entire book while he was supposed to be napping. He's never been destructive with books before and especially not when it was one of his favorite's. It was a Sesame Street book full of some of his favorite songs and their lyrics. I can't tell you how many times I've had to go through and sing them all before bed, but no more, the book has been destroyed. Now we just have the stack of ripped up pages to show Grandma & Grandpa when they come back from Alaska and McGee apologizes to them for destroying the book since they were the ones who gave it to him. Oh the joys of toddler/preschool stages...


  1. may be time to institute quiet time? Ive got friends with 3 year olds who do quiet time and tell them they can't come out of thier room or bother mommy until the timer goes off, otherwise they get disciplined. Not so sure how that would work with the potty thing though? We've got a lock on JOshua's door....not so sure how long we will keep it on though

  2. I've been praying he's not giving up the nap yet, but I agree it may be time for just "quiet time". I actually almost set a timer for him today too. Tomorrow we're going for a hike and he'll have to walk it so he should be tired enough to actually sleep - but that'll be on the hour and a half drive home I'm sure. :)

  3. I wish that kids understood how valueable nap time is. And I wish that they would understand how much they will miss nap time when they get older. I'd nap daily if I could!
    My daughter fights her naps daily, yet she can still take a 2 1/2 to 3 hour nap when she does g down. Guess its just the joy of having a 3 year old.

  4. Amy - glad to hear I'm not the only one having this struggle with my 3 yr. old! I can just totally tell how tired he is, he doesn't get cranky, but he gets a bit delirious and hyper and starts falling down a lot. :) Hope your girl gives you some good naps this week!

  5. Quiet time is good! My Sophia (4) outgrew her nap just after turning 3, and now I don't let her sleep in the afternoon if possible, because she stays up until 10 if she does . . . I think it's the hardest with your first :(