Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome Little Princes!

I just want to welcome Joshua Vincent Newton and Alex Timothy Rau into the world! It will be so much fun to see all that God will do in your lives!

Joshua is our new nephew and he was born yesterday at 1:04 am at 9 lbs. 5 oz. and 21 inches long. Alanda was scheduled to have her c-section today, but labor began early and he arrived on an odd day. Grandpa Gary had a theory about all of his grandkids being born on even-numbered days...4,12,24...but 27 shot that theory right out of the water. I'm sure he doesn't mind though. Miss Em just happened to have an appointment with her nephrologist (kidney specialist) all the way up near the hospital where Joshua was born yesterday morning so my mom, Em and I were able to cuddle and love on Joshua right away! He and Alanda both looked great and were doing well.

Alex Timothy was born Monday morning to our great friend's Christine and Scott and their little girl Jenna. Being out of town until late Tuesday night, I didn't hear about Alex's birth until yesterday when Christine called, but we can't wait to go and meet him. Actually I think we may have been texted on our cell phones about both births, but FYI, our cell phone plan does not have texting included, so please CALL with any pertinent information for us! :)

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  1. He looks like a Newton! congrats to everyone! So do you have a kidney update for us with Miss Em??
    Glad you are home from your trip!