Thursday, May 7, 2009

Under the Weather

While Miss Em has been welcoming molars this week, Mr. McGee has been suffering with some tummy pains. He hasn't eaten a whole lot all week and he's complained of tummy pain off and on and had some painful (for both McGee and the diaper changer) diapers as well. Today though he finally topped it off by throwing up. I was trying to quickly cram in my sixth day of Shredding before fixing lunch for the kids and I. McGee was complaining of tummy pain and laying on the couch but there wasn't much I could do for him so I told him to come play on the floor with Em. After a few minutes of playing and asking me tons of questions while I'm trying to focus and workout (they say it's good to hold a conversation while you work out right?), Miss Em and her play table fall backward and hit McGee and both of them start howling. I stop and try to hold and console both of them on my lap when all of a sudden, WHAM, McGee throws up on me!

I gently put Miss Em on the floor on the other side of me (fortunately she was still clean) and start to walk McGee to the bathroom when right in the middle of my brand new, wonderful carpet, McGee "baptizes" it with a steady stream of everything that has been in his system for the last 24 hours. Poor guy was just crying and we ran to the bathroom to finish it out and get a cool rag on his neck. Meanwhile I had to grab some rags and dash back into the living room to clean up some of the mess so Miss Em didn't crawl through it. The rest of the hour was spent cancelling our dinner date with friends, calling the advice nurse, and trying to feed Em lunch and console McGee at the same time when all he wanted was for me to hold him. I finally was able to get both kids down for their naps and then I cleaned up the carpet, took a nice, hot shower and started a load of laundry with all of the soiled clothes and rags.

When McGee woke up from his nap (almost 3 hrs. later) Grammy & Papa were here and he said he felt "a wittle better". Bless his precious heart.


  1. Poor guy! I hope he's feeling better today - seems like something just wasn't digesting.

  2. poor baby - its so sad when little ones are sick. Sad for them, gross for us!