Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a busy weekend with Daddy and I going to our first club/bar together for a date Thursday night (more on that later), a swim/play get together Friday afternoon, a birthday celebration Friday night for my brother-in-law, Myles' summer haircut on Saturday and church, then a family celebration at our house Sunday.

Daddy has found a new band that he really likes and invited me to go to one of their shows Thursday night. The drummer is the boyfriend of one of our worship singers at church and he is really good. I could not believe how fast he could play and the energy he brought to all of the songs. We arrived around 8:45 pm and the band we were there to see, "Starring Morgan Freeman", was the headliner which we learned means they play last. Two other bands played before them so they actually didn't start playing until around 11:30 pm. It was a long night and I was glad for my free Coke (I guess they only charge for the alcohol) since I had been up at 6:30 am Shredding (yep, I've stuck with it but am still only on level 2 so far). It was really a fun night to be out on a date with daddy and meeting some new people. After much observation (I love people watching and I found that bars are a great place for this) we decided the band took it's name from the members dressing in dapper vests, slack, suits, suspenders and fedoras, a similar style to how the actor Morgan Freeman often seems to dress. This may have nothing to do with their name, but that's what daddy and I came up with in our discussions that night. Anyway - thanks Grammy & Papa for staying with the kids so we could have a very
late, but enjoyable date.
Moving on...

Friday we went over to a friend's house for our first swim playdate of the summer and although I never ended up putting Miss Em in her swimsuit, she had lots of fun getting wet and muddy. McGee enjoyed dumping water out of the pool.

Friday night to celebrate Uncle Matt's birthday we enjoyed homemade lasagna (by my Italian mother-in-law) -yum! I didn't have my camera with me (I'd forgotten it at our friends' house) so no pictures to share of Brady, Addie & Myles running around the coffee table for at least 20-30 minutes to music and laughing their heads off. It was hilarious though - trust me!
Saturday McGee received his summer haircut from daddy and there was not a whimper, not a cry, not a tear shed (this is rare for sure)! Daddy has the magic touch. McGee enjoyed his new haircut with the heatwave on Sunday and his new bubble machine that Uncle Mike & Lee Anne gave him.

Sunday we celebrated my mom's birthday with my parents, grandma, brother and sister and their families. The guys grilled up some delicious fajitas and it was an incredibly fun day. Despite the heat, McGee kept wanting to play with his bubbles and here is a shot of McGee at the door asking "come out here everybody" because he didn't like playing alone in the heat.

Having fun while waiting to pray over the delectable food...

We ended the day in hilarity trying to get a "family photo". Here are some of the shots we captured thanks to the self-timer on my camera:

Now it's Monday and I'm tired, but ready to start packing for our Utah Family Reunion trip... :)


  1. Your kids are so cute! Cute family!!

  2. That sounds like too much for one weekend! too much fun :) The kiddos are so cute!

  3. It made me tired just to read about your activities...and then to pack for a trip!? May God multiply your sleep and provide you with coffee to keep you going :D Good job on the shredding! You won't regret it! I stopped doing it and turned back into mush. :( Starting it again today....*sigh*