Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One of My Favorite Places

Alright, get ready for LOTS of pictures in this post!
Last Friday, despite McGee not feeling too well, the kids and I went up to the County to spend some time at my parents' house with my sister. It was a bit strange though since my parents were on vacation up in Canada and not actually at their house. Michelle and I both said it felt odd being there without my parents and the life and love they bring to their home.

We had a yummy hamburger and shake at Buffalo Chips. As is always the case when we're in the County, we thought the owner looked familiar and she recognized us too and we found out we were in swim team YEARS and YEARS ago together. She remembered me as a baby actually so you know that's going back almost 30 years! I just love the small town community where everybody knows just about everyone else. It makes me so sad to see it growing and changing so much.

After lunch we wandered around the tiny railroad area hidden on the other side of a small footbridge in Amador City.

McGee enjoyed seeing it all and I enjoyed the beauty and sounds of the creek, and playing with my camera too. Later in the day McGee rested and watched the "Cars" movie. I couldn't believe he actually sat still for the entire 2 hour movie, a definite sign he wasn't himself. Then we took a walk down the hill in the back to the creek to take some pictures with the wildflowers and one of the waterfalls I loved having in my backyard growing up. It was a fun day with Auntie Michelle and I always love the chance to spend time in one of my favorite places - my childhood home (my dad designed it too)!

"Come on brother, hold my hand."

I can't add up all of the HOURS I have spent playing and exploring around this waterfall and the creek behind our house. When it rains we can hear from the house as water roars down it, sometimes creating two or more waterfalls. In the summer we can just hear the fresh breeze and gentle trickle of the water.

The wildflowers are abundant!

Saturday we celebrated cousin Sydney's 9th birthday ( I can't believe she's 9 already!) at Lori & Scotty's place. It was a hot day, but the food was great and our family is always lots of fun to be with!

Isn't she just beautiful??

This sweet natured girl just loved holding Emily - I think she held her at least 75% of the party with breaks forced by Aunties and Great Grandma who wanted to hold her.

My final photo of this post, I had to include this gender appropriate picture of Myles playing with his cars and Miss Hannah playing with the tea party set. A flashback to Joel and I?? I'm not sure, I think I was pretty set on playing with whatever Joel was playing with and didn't see the need for any girly things. :)


  1. Great photos! I love the waterfall! What an amazing place to grow up!! What a great shot of the kids in the wildflowers too ;)

  2. What a beautiful place to grow up, so magical... one day we will get to make a home like that, right? :-)