Sunday, March 1, 2009

Creative Fun

As I mentioned in my previous post, my adorable niece Adelaide is turning 2 on Wednesday and celebrated with an Austrailian Tea Party themed party yesterday. I had already bought her a cute baby doll stroller and baby doll clothes, but a fellow blogger posted a cute apron she made for her niece and I just LOVED the idea making a cute apron for Addie! Now I do not think of myself as creative and I've only taken my sewing machine out the last couple of years to hem maternity pants, but this was so much fun to create something for someone I love.

I went to a new thrift store I'd driven past numerous times (I LOVE thrift shopping) and found a cute little girl's Roxy drawstring pink floral skirt that had a ruffle on the bottom and two cute pockets in front for $2.53. Then I went back to their linen section and found a pink cloth napkin for $.50. The pink napkin became the top of the apron with one of the pockets from the skirt sewn on the front and then I placed elastic in the waist part of the skirt and used the drawstring to make all of the ties. Unfortunately from it's lack of use or operator error, my sewing machine kept acting up and I sewed, ripped out and re-stitched part of the apron many times before my wonderful friend Alicia let me bring it over to her house to be finished up. I hope Addie will really enjoy it.

Now I just have to add a few pictures from Addie's party as Alanda went WAY overboard and made an incredible selection of true Australian desserts:

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  1. Fun party! Your apron is really cute - love repurposed fabrics :)

    If my machine acts up - I make sure that I have it threaded correctly (just start over) and if that doesn't help, check the tension on a few scraps.