Monday, March 23, 2009

Afternoon Sunshine To My Heart

I was baking some last minute Gingersnap Cookies for Mom’s Group tomorrow when McGee woke up from his nap this afternoon. I brought him into the kitchen so we could chat while I finished up and he could let the sleepy cobwebs clear from his head. Here is a snippet from our conversation that just melted my heart:

Mom: Did you have good dreams during nap McGee?
McGee: Yes.
Mom: What did you dream about?
McGee: Jesus.
Mom: Jesus? Oh that must have been so nice. Was he cuddling you?
McGee: No, Jesus isn’t in my bed, He’s in my heart.

Oh I just love my boy!

Speaking of him being sleepy, here is a sweet picture of he and Grammy on Friday cuddling with his "Bucky", his very special blankie that he doesn't think he can live without (as shown by his vehement and heart wrenching display this morning while I tried to put it in the washing machine).

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