Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Perfect 10!

10 months ago today my baby girl Emily Rose was born! Happy Day precious girl! With Myles at Grandma and Grandpa's, you and I had a girl's day full of shopping (Costco, not the mall), eating (baked potato, apples & blueberries for you) and playing (peek-a-boo, keep away with mommy's cell phone). Here are some pictures from today:

- You LOVE baked potatoes, blueberries, bananas, crackers and anything you can feed to yourself! Yesterday you enjoyed polenta for the first time too.

- You are very sweet and quiet, but daddy and I are sure we see glimpses of a fiery-spirited, spunky girl who doesn't like the word "no".

- Myles is your best friend and best entertainer, Callie and Ben are your second favorites to watch.

- You are incredibly close to crawling, but haven't quite got it down yet. You get up onto your knees and you'll rock back and forth, but then you'll either dive off pushing with your feet or you'll just lay back down and scooch along like a caterpillar.

- We are amazed at how musical and rythmical you are. You can hear a tune of any kind, no matter how long (even just 2 seconds worth) and you are bobbing your head in time with it or swaying your body. Maybe we'll have some wonderful dance performances to enjoy with you on stage in the future.

Well that's all for now - Happy 10 Months Emily Rose! Daddy and Mommy adore you!

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